Finding JOY

Inspired by the hashtags #Blackgirlmagic and #Blackboyjoy, this works aims to shine light on the necessity of finding moments and spaces that cultivate Black joy in times of turmoil. What are the ways in which we express such joy, what is the source of that expression and how do we carry that into future generations? 

This work premiered at Sidewalk Festival in the Summer of 2018 at the Historic Artist Village in Detroit. 

Artists Pictured (Left to Right): Kemia Wright, Amani Parker and Miryam Johnson

Photo Credit: Lon Horwedel

Photo Credit: Lon Horwedel

Black Dance Collective 

Black Dance Collective was an evening length dance concert featuring Black Dance Artists of various genres. This concert aims to bring the artists together to admire and critique each others work. Here, we can be unapologetically Black and proud.  

*The artists pictured below were inspiration for the project and not apart of the collective.* 



REBELLION: An Artistic Exloration


Rebellion: An Artistic Exploration, investigates the frustration, strength and resilience that has come with generations of continued rebellions in the Black Community. Through poetry and dance, these artists speak or move to honor the work of 3 generations; our grandparents, our parents and ourselves.

This work was debuted June 24th, 2017 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, one month before the 50th anniversary of the '67 Detroit Rebellion.

CLICK HERE to view livestream of the debut performance. 


"I was impressed with the talent and creativity of the work. It brought a new dimension of intensity to the subject of '67. They clarified the history and the future ass well." 

- Sharon Peters 

Photo Credit: Derek Dandridge 

Photo Credit: Derek Dandridge